DeviceSYS provides engineering services for IOT and embedded devices that typically connect to the cloud using wireless or wired communications. Our experience and focus is at the start the engineering journey where the right system and device design is enabling a project success.

Services provided by DeviceSYS are:

Architecture and Design

Designing IOT devices and developing system architecture to provide state of the art solutions. 

We engage our customers and develop a High Level Design document (HLD). See Home/Product page for HLD product details. Our HLD is a bridge between an idea and implementation. HLD may be used by a

transition to manufacturing, manufacturing support and general help toward product realization.

Development support:

A service provided, for example, when HLD is done by DeviceSYS and the implementation is by the customer developers. Typical activities associated with this service are:

Integration, testing and manufacturing support:

These services are provided at the final stages of development ahead of manufacturing. Advice is given and reviews may be conducted for unit and system planning and testing.