DeviceSYS is an engineering service company focused on providing the necessary advanced expertise for the successful realization of IoT solutions. We are highly effective at project / idea initial phases. Our IoT ecosystem track record includes network edge devices and secured systems wins.

Design: IoT devices and systems expressed in High Level Design (HLD)

Develop: Hardware, firmware and software expressed in engineering documents

Deliver: Demo and/or production prototypes with documented test results

Typical wireless embedded devices, developed by DeviceSYS are connected to smart phone, have on-board sensors, are battery powered and are integrated into a system.

Solutions developed by DeviceSYS include secure access control and guest management for hotels, hands cleaning management for hospitals, personal health, fitness and many more.

Problems solved by DeviceSYS span end to end data protection and authentication to proximity and localization use cases. Key technical road blocks are removed by applying state-of-the-art practice and devising innovative solutions.

DeviceSYS experience and focus is in Consumer Electronics, Health and fitness and IoT short range solutions from the edge node to the network.
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