IoT Devices - secure connectivity
IoT Devices - secure connectivity 


DeviceSYS Services

DeviceSYS provides engineering services for embedded devices that typically connect to a system using secure and reliable wireless communications. Our experience and focus is Consumer Electronics, Health and fitness, localization and tracking, and IoT solutions.

Design services provided by DeviceSYS are incapsulated with a High Level Design document. Advising role supporting full development cycle to include:
developing engineering prototypes, arranging demonstrations, Integration, testing and certification, transition to manufacturing, manufacturing and general help toward product realization.

High Level Design:

DeviceSYS generates a design document (HLD) for the project at hand. Customer requirements are translated to architecture and top level design. The amount of detail in the HLD is appropriate for experienced developers to implement the design.

Typical HLD includes:

  • Project/product requirements
  • Derived requirements enumerated for traceability
  • Overall system architecture
  • Hardware block diagram
  • RF and antenna design
  • Component selection
  • Battery life calculations
  • Costed Bill Of Materials - BOM
  • Firmware block diagram
  • State machine diagram
  • Firmware modules and interfaces
  • Messages and sequence diagrams
  • Data collection and cloud interface design
  • Manufacturing support
  • Deployment and life support
  • Project plan

Development support:

A service provided, for example, when HLD is done by DeviceSYS and the implementation is by the customer developers. Typical activities associated with this service are:

  • Lead, direct and/or supervise the development
  • Design reviews to verify the intended implementation.
  • On-going resolution and tracking of implementation issues.
  • Incorporate new features and enhancements.
  • Updates to the HLD and other design documents.
  • Support customer demonstrations.

Integration, testing and certification support:

A service provided at the final stages of development ahead of manufacturing. Help is provided to developers to prepare for certification such as FCC, Bluetooth, etc. Advice is given and reviews may be conducted for unit and system testing.



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